Samsung Galaxy S8 at the beginning of 2017 has just launched and become one of the best mobile phone at this time, so it makes sense if we hear about Samsung Galaxy S9, because maybe only awaiting the launch time of Samsung S9. Rumors are coming quickly as to what the look and features of this new phone are, so we’ve put together the best of them here – and also answered some of the questions that became the answer of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 technology ?

This latest leaked mention that Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (and possibly also standard S9) will have Exynos 9810 chipset, at least in some areas, and only 4GB of RAM. But the difference, Exynos 9810 still rely on the same 10 nm manufacturing as Exynos 8895. Performance of the processor is definitely going to be better and able to provide a more balanced power capacity. The tech giant from Ginseng State, unfortunately still choose to mum about the use of Exynos 9810 for Galaxy S9. The reason, if Exynos 9810 still rely on 10nm manufacturing, it could be Galaxy S9 processor will actually have 8nm manufacturing.

What is the Price of Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to be sold at a market price of £ 639 / $ 725 / AU $ 1200 based on current projections, as it estimates the selling price of Galaxy S9 will come at the same price as its predecessor. Given that the market does not expect massive design changes, consumers are skeptical of too high price increases for samsung galaxy s9 products.  Price Samsung Galaxy S9 and s9 + in Indonesia there are two versions, Rp 12.999.000 for 6 GB RAM model / 64 GB memory and Rp 14.499.000 for 6 GB / 256 GB RAM model.

Release date of Samsung Galaxy S9?

Estimated launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 March 2018. While the latest rumors suggest the S9 will be launched in January, which seems too early considering samsung has recently launched its flagship product, Samsung galaxy s8 and samsung Note 8.

News and rumors of Samsung Galaxy S9

Not much is known about the Samsung Galaxy S9, but some sources claim the company has long worked on the phone. Some news portals reported an unnamed industry source saying that Samsung has been working hard on display panels for the Galaxy S9 since late March 2017. If true , it seems about 6 months earlier than the previous forecast time.

Rumors say Samsung’s latest processor will also implement artificial intelligence technology (AI, Artificial Intelligence). But not yet certain whether Exynos 9810 really carry it, but Galaxy S9 mentioned would be the first smartphone that gets the processor. Thus, the smartphone will have a neural engine intelligence on the Apple A11 Bionic on the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, and Kirin 970 on Huawei.

Known, in the cultivation of this latest generation processor, Samsung took the Chinese manufacturing company called DeePhi Tech. Both partnership has even reached the investment stage. For your information, DeePhi Tech is engaged in the development of artificial intelligence and implement it to several hardware, such as smartphone and laptop processors.

Clients from DeePhi Tech were mostly from big technology companies, call it Amazon, MediaTek to Samsung. DeePhi Tech will develop a special neural network that will later be embedded into the chipset architecture. Neural networks will perform deepening algorithms that will connect to other components. Thus, the latest Exynos processors made by Samsung can work smarter, proactive, and certainly faster than all versions that have been launched.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Are you Ready, Guys ???
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Are you Ready, Guys ???
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